TMS Testimonials in Vancouver WA

I spent 2 1/2 years completely paralyzed with the most extreme anxiety I could ever imagine.  It went on for so long that depression set in and I felt like I was spiraling down so far that I would never see light again.  It was the most horrible experience of my 58 years.  Doctors tried, what I felt was, every pill on the market.  Nothing made a dent in my anxiety or depression.

In the spring of 2018, it was suggested that I go see TMS NW in Vancouver, Washington.  I started TMS treatment shortly after.  The positive effect was not felt immediately, so I thought that it was just another failed attempt to conquer my condition.  Brendan and Julia worked closely with me and were so passionate to help me get through my misery.

I completed the series of treatments and really didn’t feel any different.  They suggested I go through the extended treatment sessions.  At the same time as I finished that series, Brendan suggest a change in my meds also.  Between the TMS and a change in my meds, I am 100% cured of all anxiety and depression.  That was 10 months ago.  From not even being able to work, to exploding back into my career and even started an additional company because I feel so good.

TMS NW saved my life, my relationship and my career.  Thank you so much!!!  I highly recommend them to anyone with anxiety or depression.

– Lyle S.

TMS has been a life changing treatment for me and I really recommend TMS-NW as a place to go through your treatments. Having run the gauntlet of different meds for many years, I was happy to give TMS a try. TMS-NW’s staff is fully qualified and well versed with this new to the Pacific northwest noninvasive treatment option. Piper Buersmeyer has been my prescriber for several years, so I was already comfortable dealing with her. I met with Brendan at my consultation and I knew I was in good hands. I felt as he was in the trenches with me fighting my battle with depression as coach. After a few days of treatments, I met Julia. She was also amazing, caring, and very positive when dealing with my well-being and my treatments. TMS is a very strange experience to go through. I loved knowing when the pulses would happen, just to be ready for them. There was absolutely no pain involved, but the sensation was not relaxing for me. I have heard that some people are not bothered by it at all and can maintain conversations throughout their treatment sessions. Truly the greatest takeaway for me after going through TMS has been the ability to step back from the situation or feeling and either stop the negative reaction all together or minimize it. I have gained a new perspective and have been able to let logic prevail over the immediate emotional response that would start me “down the rabbit hole”, as my wife would often put it. Basically, I was able to recognize the feeling before things got to a bad place. It has now been a year since my treatment and things have been stable for me and my family.

– Gary C.

After experiencing moderate to severe depression for half of my life, even with countless medications, I turned to TMS NW for relief.  My experience with TMS was supportive, friendly, and effective.  It is certainly a serious commitment, but it was absolutely worth it for me.  Julia, Brendan, Piper, and the techs at TMW NW all clearly cared about my mental and physical well being.  I would absolutely recommend TMS NW for anyone struggling with long-term, medication resistant depression.


Before I tried TMS I was constantly suicidal and self-harming and no med combination helped me. I was very skeptical that TMS would help but I was at the point where I was willing to try anything for some relief. It was a little difficult to get used to at first because I had a high motor threshold but about halfway through the treatment I started seeing results and it all became worth it. Today, it has been 6 months since I’ve self-harmed and think (without intention to act) about suicidal thoughts only once every few weeks; which I haven’t experienced that little of in years. Even though I’m still battling a lot, TMS truly changed my life in a way I never thought possible.


For almost 20 years I’ve battled severe depression. I had tried practically every medication there was. It would always work in the beginning and then the effects would eventually wear off. I coupled medication with therapy, but could never really seem to kick the feeling. In April 2018 I began TMS therapy. In the beginning I didn’t really notice a change, but after a few weeks, things just felt different. By the time I was done with therapy and the coming weeks, I began to feel so different. I remember going to see Dr Julia for a check up and telling her I felt better, but almost like I was in a bit of a fog. We started decreasing my medications and eliminated one completely! I still have bad days, I know that’s never going to change, that’s just life. But I no longer wake up expecting the bad day. I no longer have the negative outlook on life, or the feeling of helplessness that plagued me for years. My life has forever changed with this therapy. I will forever be grateful for Dr Julia and Dr Brendan for helping me.  This last year has been a year of learning, learning who I am as a person, not a depression patient. I’ve had so many new experiences because I can now live in the moment and be happy. My husband and my kids have made many comments about the changes that have occurred over the last year. Thank you TMS for giving me my life back.

–Michelle B